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directorThere was a time when Principals touring with groups of visitors would stride majestically down school corridors barely concealing their self-satisfaction at the studious... Read More



The physical education of children is an essential component of the whole process of education in Uganda and elsewhere. The school had a sports day which was very colorful.
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Exciting Developments at Kisu

As the end of my first year as School Director approaches, I am delighted at the progress we have made towards our goal of making KISU demonstrably the best international school in the region. After a quarter of a century working in schools in UK and in international schools in Africa, I must say that I am privileged to have such a fine learning facility to lead. However, buildings and facilities alone do not make a school great. Academic success and a commitment to a holistic approach that develops each child’s values, skills and personal qualities are important ingredients of great schools and both are features of KISU. However, the best schools know that, if they are to maintain their place at the top, they must be willing to constantly invest and innovate. Please take a little time to read about just four of the developments that have taken place at KISU this academic year and to consider whether it might be time for you to join the KISU family as we forge ahead together in the months and years to come. Read More 


We've a variety of facilities to aid the students in their quest for knowledge like the library, science, home economics & ICT labs, art & music rooms, Kitchen, drama theatre & Sports facilities.Read more

Free Chromebooks for IB Students

We are delighted to be able to announce that in August we will be issuing all DP1 and DP2 students with a complimentary Chromebook (http://www.google.com/chromebook/) . These excellent machines come fully loaded with the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) suite, which is now standard use in many universities around the world for students and their tutors. The computers will be supported by a significant upgrade to our internet provision with a fibre cable coming right into school and powerful routers being installed to send high speed broadband internet around our campus. We see this as a real statement about KISU’s commitment to providing its students with the very best tools for their education and hope that we will see even more Year 11 students making the choice to stay with us for their post 16 education.