Academic Results

IB Diploma results at KISU over the past 5 years


School statistics from the IB 2017

Number of diploma candidates registered in the session:        11
Number of candidates who passed the diploma:            11
Number of course candidates:                    1
Average points obtained by candidates who passed the diploma:    5.18
Highest diploma points awarded to a candidate:            41

Of those students registered for the full IB Diploma, 100% were successful, significantly above the global average of 79%*. The average overall score for students was 32, above the global average of 30.07*, and three points higher than last year. Average grades for nearly all IB subjects were well above the worldwide figure. Our students achieved an average of 5.18 points per subject compared to 4.80* worldwide. Our highest-achieving student, Milenka Sloots, achieved 41 out of a possible 45 points.

Based on these excellent results, all of our Diploma Programme students will be attending the universities of their choice, many on generous scholarships. These include: Keele University, Kent University and Leeds University (UK), Simon Fraser University and Western University (Canada), and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (US). IN addition, other students will be studying in prestigious universities in the Netherlands, France and Italy.

The students will be studying a broad range of subjects including Law, Biomedical Sciences, Graphic Design, Financial Economics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Liberal Sciences and Agronomy.

 (*based on 2016 results as 2017 statistics are not yet available) 

100% Students Passed IB