Secondary Sports Gala 2018

On Friday, May 18th, KISU’s Secondary Sport came to an official close for the year with the annual Sports Awards Gala held at Kabira Country Club.  Students, coaches, parents and staff came together to celebrate the triumphs of our athletes and teams, but moreover the Power of Sport that KISU has benefited from this year. 

My speech from the evening below...

‘I have been truly moved by our achievements in sport this year and not just because we won more championships than ever before in the History of KISU (14/21) but because of the even greater outcomes that came from our year in sport.

Before I continue, I would like us to listen to a speech made at the Laureus World Sports Awards by one of the greatest leaders and philanthropists of all time- the late Nelson Mandela- on the Power of Sport.

Sport has the power to inspire- so many of our teams, athletes and coaches were truly inspirational this year.

  • The cross country and athletics teams for example in their commitment to training, running lap after lap, around our school field, weekly, some more.
  • Our U20 boys whose resilience and courage as they endured close defeat after defeat saw them finally capture a league championship.
  • Many of our coaches who have inspired in our athletes a passion for sport and an intrinsic motivation to put in the work to improve and reach their goals

This is inspirational.

 The power to unite people- students, coaches, and parents- we really united this year in our approach to sport. We shared and believed in the same goal- to be tough, fair competition; a force to be reckoned with and we came together as a community like I have never seen before to be just this.   

  • Athletes are proud to be students from KISU. They showed pride in their school and in each other and were supportive teammates and school mates. You will see evidence of this in the movies we show this evening- watch for our athletes waiting at the cross country finish line to congratulate their teammates as they pass or finish, or for our basketball teams in the stands cheering on other teams at finals.

 It speaks to youth in a language they understand

  • Athletes, take a minute to reflect on the lessons and values you learned through your involvement in sport this year.
    • What did you learn from losing?  How did you grow from this?
    • What have you learned about the value of being prepared through training, practicing? About commitment?

Sport laughs in the face of all types of discrimination

  • We get out on the court, field, pool, track and we put our differences aside.  We respect each other as athletes; we all play by the same rules; anyone can achieve the same degree of success if they put in the work; everyone has the same chance. 

Sport can create hope where once there was only despair

  • For some of you, sport has been a valuable and special social opportunity; one you will never forget.
  • For others, the pool, court, field is where you thrive and shine; it is your opportunity to be the star!
  • And for others, maybe sport has been part of shaping your identity; discovering who you are, what you stand for.

Tonight, we will celebrate our team and individual accomplishments but we will also celebrate these victories and the POWER OF SPORT. 

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