Accelerated Reader



At its heart, Accelerated Reader is simple…

…..a student reads a book, takes an online quiz, and gets immediate feedback. Students respond to regular feedback and are motivated to make progress with their reading skills.

Appropriate challenge- Students develop reading skills most effectively when they read appropriately challenging books. Short and adaptive “STAR” reading tests identify a zone of proximal development for each reader at the outset. Thereafter, AR recommends books “intelligently” to readers based on how they perform in the online quizzes to deliver ideal progress for each reader. Teachers can access detailed feedback on the progress of individuals, including data on progress towards new National Curriculum attainment criteria

AR BookFinder- The dedicated online book-searching tool is available online to students, parents, teachers and librarians so they can identify appropriate books that are also of interest.

Easily accessible- AR uses an attractive and intuitive online interface to put children at ease and help them to access the programme without difficulty. Small successes, like exceeding the recommended 85% or above in reading practice quizzes, build confidence and engagement with reading. For avid readers, aiming to read a million words in the course of an academic year or term proves very motivational

"….confounds this idea that boys don't like reading."

Extensive choice- Over 27,000 reading practice quizzes are available on books from over 300 publishers and imprints.