Community Service

curricular and extracurricular programmes at Kampala International School stress the development of the whole child. The school's concern extends beyond the assumed focus on academic and intellectual achievement encouraging responsible citizenship in the world outside the classroom. Through service to organizations in and around Kampala, students are encouraged to develop a global awareness and responsibility for serving their local, national and international communities.

Primary children at KISU have built up meaningful relationships with a variety of organizations in and around Kampala.

In Key Stage 1, students are partnered with a local school called St. Catherine’s Primary School. The annual “Slip and Slide” event is always a successful fundraiser.

In Key Stage 2, Year 3 has begun a new a new partnership with a local school called Sancta Maria Preparatory School, Bukoto. This partnership involves our two sets of students visiting each other. Students are encouraged to create friendships with their “buddies”, share snacks, read to one another and of course have some laughs!   

Year 4, 5 and 6 have a longstanding relationship with Ntinda School of the Deaf. This partnership has been in existence since the beginning of KISU and we are very proud that it is still going strong. Students from KISU have visited the school, interacted with students from Ntinda and even learned some basic sign language. Students from Ntinda come to KISU for various occasions, including Health Week, Outdoor Education, assemblies and school productions.

Our programme follows the following guidelines:

  • The essential focus of community development at KISU is to create a meaningful relationship between the students at KISU and the partnered organization. During each term students interact with students from the partnered organization through visits hosted by both schools.
  • In general, goal setting takes place during the first term, with fundraising initiatives taking precedence during the second term. The third term involves meeting the target needs.
  • Students at KISU are involved in creating gardens and green spaces for other schools, purchasing team uniforms and many school supplies, building a playground, purchasing solar panels and replacing a much-needed water tanks.