The KISU Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

KISU has a very active and vibrant PTA.  All Parents, Guardians, and Teachers at KISU are automatically members of the PTA.  Every year a committee of volunteers is formed from these members headed up by an elected PTA Executive.

KISU PTA Executive Committee members

  • Chairperson – Liesl Wingfield
  • Vice Chairperson – Wanjiru Mwaniki
  • Treasurer – Sacha Iwasa
  • Secretary – Cheryl Bartell

Charitable work:

The PTA contributes a portion of its funds to external charitable causes.  For the past few years, we have channeled these funds to pay school fees for vulnerable children in Kampala.   These children live in very poor communities and often don’t have very stable family situations.  So the school fee program is really critical as without our support, these children would not be in school. 

 The PTA funds a variety of KISU activities such as Early Years Slip & Slide, the IB school leavers Brunch and a host of other activities.  Funding is based on merit and availability of funds.

Parent engagement:

The PTA arranges a variety of activities for parents & guardians.  An institution in this regard is the coffee mornings at the start of each term to welcome new parents.  Parent specific social events include Quiz Nights and Parents Lunches.

A new format parent workshop was recently introduced.  Topical themes are developed into interactive parent workshops.  Popular topics have been Nutrition, Internet Safety, Reading, Maths, Positive Parenting of Teenagers and Transitions.

Whole Family Fun:

The PTA committee arranges relaxed, fun activities for the whole family.  These range from the annual Welcome Back party, Primary Halloween Evening to participating in the organizing of the KISU Christmas Carnival.

General KISU support

  • Coordination of the Class Parent Representative (CPR) program. 
  • Support at Sport and Cultural events in the form of a Food and Drinks’ stand.


KISU has two Parents' Representatives on the Board of Management - Judith Kyule-Raval and Scott Bartell. These parents' role is to bring the parental perspective on all issues related to the school