KISU exercises the very best recruitment policy, with a large number of our teachers recruited from the international teacher recruitment fairs held each year around the world.

The School actively seeks to employ teachers with a number of years experience and familiarity in teaching the National Curriculum for England or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. This said, we relish the diversity of international educators and prospective teachers; those with the right skill-set may be recruited to further develop our teaching staff. Teachers come to KISU with a wealth of experience and knowledge, particularly in international schools and international education.

Teaching Assistants are well qualified, most with teaching credentials and significant experience in the international school environment. They help support learning within the school and are usually assigned to a specific class.

In addition to the academic staff, our school is supported by a small army of people undertaking a variety of tasks including: administration, medical care, maintenance, gardening, security, cleaning and support services.