French at KISU

At KISU, we believe fervently in the importance of young people developing confidence in at least one language in addition to their own. As a result, specialist teachers deliver French lessons to children from Year 2.

In addition to two teaching groups in each year learning French as a foreign language, we have a further, usually quite small, group for our francophone students being taught in line with the French national curriculum. As far as we know this is a unique provision in Kampala and is perhaps one of the main reasons why so many French and francophone families choose KISU.

As well as French, we also offer Spanish at IB and it is our intention to expand the teaching of Spanish further down the school in the future.

This is an important provision, especially, again, for our French children as, upon re-entry to the French education system, they will require a level of competence in two foreign languages (thus English and Spanish).