KISU is wholeheartedly committed to be an inclusive school. We believe passionately in the equal value and uniqueness of every one of our children regardless of their different ethnicities and abilities.

We employ specialist teachers to support both learning and English language development. It is not at all uncommon for the school to welcome children who do not speak any English at all.

In such cases we put in place intensive one-to-one support so that the child quickly reaches a level of competence that will allow him or her to join classmates in routine lessons so that friendships can develop and the child feels secure and at home in our community as soon as possible.

In fact, in general our preference is for in-class support.

Our specialist teachers work hard to liaise with class and subject teachers to ensure that learning is sufficiently differentiated and personalized to allow every child to make good progress. In this way, all of our children feel that they are valued members of our school community.