Performing and Visual Arts

At KISU we believe strongly that an important part of a well-rounded educational experience is taking part in the visual and performing arts. All KISU students will be involved in at least one performance or exhibition each year that they are at the school.
In primary school year groups pair up to put on lavish productions like the recent (and excellent!) Santa’s on Strike performed by Years 1 and 2 children.

In these performances all the children in the classes will be on the stage and involved in acting, singing and dancing. Primary assemblies each week also contain a strong element of performance.

In secondary school there is at least one major drama production in the year but smallest groups of students regularly share at assemblies pieces they have been working on in class. All students throughout the school perform an ensemble musical piece and in both primary and secondary school the percentage of students now studying musical instruments for ABRSM exams now far exceeds 25% of the school cohort.

The school’s Art Jam event in may is a real showcase for all three of the visual and performing arts with exhibitions, workshops, musical items and drama performances throughout the day for parents and visitors to enjoy.