Sport at KISU

At KISU we are passionately committed to a holistic approach to developing our young people and there is hardly a better vehicle for doing this than through sport where children learn vital skills and develop important qualities and values.

Sport is about learning to work in a team and to be committed. Sport offers children the chance to: develop resilience; learn humility; keep healthy; increase self-esteem; be committed; have integrity, and show determination.

KISU competes, with considerable success, against the other international schools in Kampala in the ISSAK league.

The main sports in which we compete are (both for boys and girls in each case) football, basketball and volleyball. In addition, there are championships in Swimming, Athletics and Cross-country at both primary and secondary school levels.

In sports, we try to achieve a balance between excellence and participation so the sports aforementioned are also offered as a more relaxed club option together with a wide variety of others for example ranging from karate, cricket, ballet, inline skating, gymnastics, table tennis, baking & zumba just to mention a few . At any given time more than 30 clubs are on offer to children after school many of which are in the sporting arena.

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