Following the global COVID-19 pandemic outbreak that led to spreading and closure of schools, Kampala International School Uganda is closed to students, teachers, parents and visitors until further notice.
Online learning will continue from the 20th of April 2020

Links to Covid19 information:

Standard Operating Procedures during Covid19 at KISU

Main Gate’s Mandate
1. All security staff MUST wear masks at all times. Masks provided by management. Used masks to be returned to the Head of Logistics who will dispose of them properly
2. All security staff MUST wear disposable gloves. Used gloves to be put into the rubbish bin provided.
3. Security personnel to keep recommended social distance from each other.
4. Hand sanitizer to be applied to anyone entering KISU campus
5. Anyone entering KISU campus will have their temperature measured. Anyone with an above normal temperature (37.2 degrees Celcius), will not be allowed to enter the school campus and will be asked to get in touch with their own medical doctor. Security to take the person’s name and details for record purposes.

While on KISU Campus
1. Masks, hand sanitizer and disposable gloves at the reception area of school.
2. Used masks and/or disposable gloves to be placed into provided bins
3. All staff to wear masks while being in contact with each other
4. Hand washing and/or hand sanitizer to be used frequently
5. Hand sanitizer is available at the biometric machine – to use after log in
6. The recommended social distance to be applied by everyone
7. Door handles, taps, stair case railings will be disinfected twice a day.
8. If during the day, any member of staff is not feeling well and we discover they have a sudden temperature, we will make sure that member of staff gets in contact with a medical doctor for further diagnosis.
9. Meetings – all persons present will follow the WHO social distance recommended distance of no less than one meter.

Preventative measures
1. If any member of staff is feeling unwell, they should not attend school.
2. Staff toilets will be cleaned frequently during the day as well as after school hours
3. We will supply disinfectant & a cloth to all teaching staff to clean/wipe their keyboards/mouse etc.

Sudhir Ruparelia

Terry Garbett
School Director

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