The impressiveness of the campus and facilities at KISU can belie the true nature of the school. KISU is at heart a warm, vibrant, diverse and welcoming learning community.

KISU students at KISU feel a strong sense of pride in, and ownership, of their school. Because of the nature of the overseas lifestyle many of them can remember being new to school themselves very recently and so new students are welcomed with genuine warmth and quickly establish strong friendships. The School Council is always at work to try to represent the views of the students to school leadership and think of new ways of improving the way the school serves its students and its community.

New parents are also quickly assimilated into the KISU family. Coffee and cakes in the canteen each morning provide an ideal opportunity to meet other parents and learn all about life at KISU and in Kampala. The school’s PTA is always active organizing activities like: family picnics; quiz nights; teacher appreciation lunch; and raffles. The PTA raises funds to support the education of needy and deserving children in our local area.

Wider Community
KISU is well aware of it context in, and responsibilities to, its local community. Every class in the school has a community project to work on throughout the year and students studying for the IB Diploma have to demonstrate a significant contribution to community service. The school and its students contribute significantly in terms of both time and funds to deserving schools and projects both in Kampala and further afield in some of our Outdoor Education destinations.