Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 Consists of two year groups, Year 1 and Year 2 for children aged from 5-7 years.

Children are taught in small, mixed ability classes, up to a maximum of 24 students, with a teacher and an assistant teacher. In addition, during each week children will meet specialist teachers in PE, French and Music.

Our curriculum is based on the (new) English National Curriculum which has been adapted to reflect our African and Ugandan context. The core subjects are Maths, Literacy and Science. At KISU the development of reading and writing are recognised as key skills in education. To ensure that we provide a firm foundation in this area, the children attend daily phonics lessons in small groups, following the internationally recognised “Letters and Sounds”” programme.

Every six weeks the children are assessed and the groups adjusted according to the progress and understanding of individual pupils. Knowledge gained is used in the reading and writing activities throughout the week. Mathematics is taught in ability and mixed ability groups and covers mental maths, calculation and word-based problems.

In keeping with our beliefs as an IB World School, and because we know children learn best when they can make connections across, and have a context for, their learning, we take a topic based approach to delivering the Science, Humanities, IT and Creative Arts aspects of the curriculum. These topics also provide opportunities for children to explore their own religious and cultural heritage as well as that of others.

At times the topic work will also give children the chance to improving their writing skills.

KISU also provides children with rich learning experiences outside of the classroom by organising class trips which are linked to class topics. Again, as a committed IB school, we are keen to develop children’s international mindedness and their readiness to serve their community so each class has a community service project that the children work on throughout the year.

We also provide a vast array of sports and extra-curricular activities for children to choose from after school.

At KISU we have an open door policy where parents are able become involved in, and contribute to, their children’s learning by participating in our regular parent involvement mornings.
So, in conclusion, children in Key Stage 1 are provided with a rich, warm, friendly, supportive and creative environment where they are encouraged and supported to become avid and resilient learners and kind, thoughtful children.