Welcome from Head of Primary

Dear Students, Parents, Teachers and Prospective Parents,

At KISU Primary school we aim to achieve the best of all worlds. We have a culture of high expectations for all pupils; alongside this we believe fundamentally that security and happiness is a necessary prerequisite for learning and growth. Excellence and enjoyment are at the heart of everything that we do. We believe that early education should ignite, inspire and engender passion in children, setting the foundation stones for future attitudes to learning. 

Whilst Literacy and Numeracy form the gateways to learning in all subjects, we at KISU believe that they are brought to life by the other subjects and are therefore inextricably intertwined. For this reason we teach a cross curricular approach to learning with a curriculum designed to promote independent learning and increase the children’s involvement in their own development and progress. Curiosity and creativity are central to the learning process so the curriculum is delivered in an imaginative, relevant way, incorporating the children’s interests and backgrounds at every opportunity.

Within the Early Years Stage (two to five years) the children are given many opportunities to interact in positive relationships and in enabling environments which foster the characteristics of effective learning through playing and exploring, active learning, being creative and thinking critically. On reaching Reception, the children are able to adjust to the needs of slightly more formal schooling, while still having plenty of opportunity to learn and discover through self-initiated activities and play.

Our Early Years environment is replicated in Key Stage One where children from five to seven years make huge strides in the learning process within a structured, vibrant and stimulating environment. They are encouraged to become questioners, thinkers and explorers whilst honing their skills in literacy, maths and the wider curriculum.
Key Stage 2 (seven to eleven years) covers four years and during this time the children will deepen and extend their learning and push boundaries in knowledge and experiences. They are provided with opportunities to grow through their discoveries while discussing clear goals and expectations as active participants in their own learning.
The UK optional Standard Attainment Tests (SATs) are used at the end of KS1 and KS2 alongside teacher assessment and allow comparison between the academic achievements of our students and those in the UK.

At KISU we follow the English National Curriculum but we are well placed to embrace the really positive aspects, whilst making it inspiring, relevant and engaging for our truly international children. The IB learner profile is as relevant in Primary school as it is in Secondary and the curriculum we offer provides the scaffolding for developing those all important learning skills of being balanced, knowledgeable, open-minded, reflective, principled and caring. ‘Educating today’s children for tomorrow’s world’ means encouraging our children to become thinkers, communicators, risk-takers and reflective learners.
Field trips are organised to link with the subjects and topics being undertaken at that time and these give opportunities to explore the wonders of Kampala and Uganda, enriching the curriculum taught in the classrooms and connecting children’s learning to the world outside. The Outdoor Education Programme in Key Stage 2 takes the children further afield and they are able to stay overnight at locations outside of the city and even in another country (Year 6).

Here at KISU Primary School we are strongly committed to the welfare of every child. Each child is a unique individual and we understand the importance of getting to know all of the people in our care. Collaborating with parents, formally and informally, is vital both to reinforce the position of KISU within the wider community, as well as to take care of the needs of individual children. We fully understand the importance of promoting and celebrating diversity both within the curriculum and the wider life of the school.

At KISU Primary we run a large number of extra-curricular activities, which allow the children to explore their passions and interests beyond the classroom. We offer a range of sporting, creative and community linked activities, which make use of the excellent facilities the school has to offer and promote a well balanced lifestyle.
Working as a team we are confident that our international setting will continue the drive towards higher standards within the context of a happy, caring and inclusive school community where individual progress and effort are celebrated, ensuring that learning is a positive, progressive experience for all.  

Best Wishes
Chris Gibbon - Primary Head