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Assemblies are great barometers of a school. This morning, unusually, I was treated to both secondary and primary school assemblies in the same morning. I was simply blown away, and in truth quite moved, by what I watched and listened to:

  • We heard the primary choir sang with great passion and gusto and considerable musicality
  • We heard about the tremendously enriching experiences of the 13 secondary school students who attended the Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Dubai recently
  • We heard Miss T. honour our outgoing House Captains for their leadership and outline criteria for the inaugural House Captain’s Award- criteria that summed up our values and what we aspire to for our students so concisely and effectively
  • We listened to children in both primary and secondary paying tribute to dear friends to whom we are saying goodbye at the end of the term- to see the way in which these obviously deep friendships cut across religious, ethnic and national divides was really quite inspirational

However, I want to pick out one moment that I am going to confess brought a lump to my throat….

Please, please take a few moments to follow this link and watch the performance of Leila Tobin in secondary assembly this morning . To me it speaks of so many things that are great about our school….Couarge….Commitment…..Community……Confidence…..Celebration….it’s all here!


Have a great weekend!

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Friday 31st March 2017 Africa/Kampala


School Director - Steve Lang