Investment in KISU teachers

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It’s about the time of year when many headteachers  begin looking at their budget lines anxiously to see how much they have left in their various pots and whether or not it is going to be sufficient to get them through to the end of the academic year. Doing the same myself the other day, I noted that we have spent over $50,000 to date on staff development this year (and yes, there is still enough left for us to approve some more high-quality training for our staff before the end of the year!!).

After its students, a school’s next most valuable resource is its teachers and it is vitally important that we tend carefully to their professional development needs and ambitions. This year, staff have undertaken courses like: “Neuroscience for the Learner”; “Careers Advising”; “Assessment for Learning in STEM teaching”; “Safeguarding Children Level 3”; and “Extending your leadership”. Teachers in secondary have undertaken a wide range of online training on aspects of the IB subjects they teach and all staff have had first aid training. In addition, we are supporting a number of colleagues with masters’ degree studies or the like. Geographically, the courses staff have participated in have been as near as their computer screens and as far away as the Netherlands.

So, I want to assure you as parents that, not only do we recruit the very best teachers from around the world, but we invest significantly in their ongoing professional development so that your children have the very best learning experiences that we can provide.

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Friday 29th April 2016 Africa/Kampala


School Director - Steve Lang