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I recently gave a tour of our secondary school to one of our parents with children further down the school that has given me to pause for thought and I have had to conclude that perhaps I have been guilty of being a little complacent when it comes to celebrating our secondary school with you, our own parents.
It was at the same time both heartwarming and slightly troubling to see how pleasantly surprised the lady in question was as we visited classrooms and met engaged students and enthusiastic teachers throughout the secondary school. It would not be an exaggeration to say that she was blown away by the quality of what she observed and experienced but the question is why did she not know more about these strengths and successes? In truth, the blame must lie with me for not extolling them more effectively; so let me try to do something about that right here and now….
Did you know that?.......

  • Record numbers of students are choosing to stay on for our IB Diploma  (next year’s DP2 class will be more than 200% bigger than the previous one)
  • Student numbers generally in secondary school are on the rise in a fiercely competitive market and in economically challenging times
  • For the last 3 years all of our IB Diploma graduates have secured places at prestigious universities of their choice around the world
  • Several of our graduates were awarded significant scholarships by universities with one student being awarded $30,000 per annum to attend a US university last year.
  • Our exam results at IGCSE are on a consistent upwards trajectory and we are forecasting being significantly above world average for the IB Diploma this year.
  • All students entering our IB Diploma programme are given a free Chromebook loaded with the full “Google for Education” software suite to enhance their learning
  • Our students are polite, respectful, articulate, committed and thoroughly proud of their school
  • Our students follow an innovative bespoke curriculum including subjects like, “Learning to Learn”, “Global Perspectives” and (from next year) “LEGO Robotics” aimed at making them well-rounded and independent learners who are thoroughly prepared for the rigours of the IB Diploma
  • As an IB Diploma school we have chosen the secondary school graduating qualification that 89% of UK University Admissions Officers prefer and believe is the best preparation for university. It is recognized and valued by well over 500 prestigious universities around the world
  • We offer significant bursaries to families paying their fees privately that make us very good value for money when compared with our main competitors. Let me be plain- when you compare our discounted fees with fees at ISU after their discounts are applied we are roughly $1000 p.a. cheaper at KS3, $2000 cheaper at IGCSE and $3000 cheaper at IB!!

I extend a warm invitation to all of you to come and tour the secondary school with me at a time that is convenient for you and let me talk to you in more detail about why I am so proud of it. Call me on 0752 711880 to make an appointment or drop me a line at schooldirector@kisu.com .
It is ironic that, at a time when all sorts of frankly ridiculous and baseless rumours are flying around town about our school, we have actually never been in better shape, nor more confident and optimistic about our future. If you are in any doubt about why, come and see us for yourself!

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Friday 12th May 2017 Africa/Kampala


School Director - Steve Lang