This school is about to catch fire!

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Last Tuesday, I decided to bring together all students from Year 3 to DP2 together for an Assembly. It was lovely to have a mix of primary and secondary students together in the Auditorium and perhaps something we should look to do more often. My purpose was to share with them my view that this school is about to “catch fire”. Of course I don’t mean this in the literal sense; I mean it in the same way as a sports team can “catch fire” when it goes on a winning streak or how an idea can suddenly “catch fire” when it suddenly takes hold and gains great popularity and credence. We feel, as a school community that, despite our occasional failings, and acknowledging that, of course, we still have much ground to cover on our journey, we have more or less irresistible forward momentum. Some of what I have experienced and observed around school in the past two weeks has been, quite frankly, inspirational and, with a quarter of a century of experience in education behind me, I have developed something of a sixth sense for detecting that moment when a school is about to blossom into something quite special….and that moment is now!

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Friday 28th October 2016 Africa/Kampala


School Director - Steve Lang