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Family. 07-Jun-2019

Family is so important. Eid Mubarak to all of our Muslim families; I am sure you will have celebrated the end of Ramadan with many loved ones around you and perhaps reminisced with love about those no longer with you to share in the festivities.

The Arts. 18-May-2019

With Art Jam appearing on the horizon (June 8th) and in the face of so much wonderful evidence this past week of the vibrancy of the arts at KISU, I am going to follow last week’s paean to sports with one espousing the value of the

Sport. 11-May-2019

We are fast approaching our annual Sports Awards events (is it that time of year already!!?) and so I have found myself reflecting more than once this week on the value that we place on sports at KISU.

Nourishing our Young. 29-Apr-2019

This Easter holidays, the family and I went for a couple of nights to Nkima Forest Lodge in the Mabamba Wetlands (just the other side of the bay from Entebbe Airport) with the aim of, yes, getting some much needed rest, but also hopeful of ca

Revision and Exams. 15-Mar-2019

It is that time of the year when our Year 11 and DP2 students are entering the final stages of their preparations for their external examinations. These are big moments in these young people’s lives, some would say too big.

Safeguarding at KISU. 01-Mar-2019

 Dear Parents,

From an English teacher….. 18-Jan-2019

It remains a great privilege to be an English teacher- to facilitate students’ interactions with some of the most beautiful and profound works of literature ever produced.

Newsletter. 14-Dec-2018

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a restful holiday.