Safeguarding at KISU

 Dear Parents,

For some time now we have been talking as a leadership team about ways of improving the safety and security of our main school buildings. We have explored the effectiveness, costs and practicalities of a number of options and have decided on introducing an ID card system.  In order to help us to make good progress towards getting this system up and running, I am asking for your help in the course of the next two weeks. I know we will all agree that it is in our interests as a community to ensure that we know the identity of everybody who is inside our school, especially when our children are here.

When you enter school in the morning next week and the week after, you will find four Registration Stations set up in the Reception area. At your earliest convenience, we are asking you to spend a few seconds at one of those stations where we will:

  • record your name;
  • record the names of the children in your care;
  • record the nature of your relationship to the children (parent, nanny, driver etc.);
  • and take a photograph of you.

That is all….it should take a matter of seconds!

 If you are too busy the first day (or even the second!) or there are queues (the process should be so quick that these don’t occur), please don’t worry, you can always register on another day (and we will leave one station open throughout the day in case you want to do register at a quieter time). However, we will be processing cards (here in school) on an ongoing basis so the sooner the better!

 We are aiming to complete the registration process by the end of Friday, March 15th. From the morning of Monday, March 18th, entry to the main school buildings will require you either to be wearing (or to show) your KISU ID card or by going to Reception to sign-in and be given a Visitors’ card. It will remain possible to register for your ID card any time thereafter by going to the Admissions Office at your convenience but please note (and your understanding would also be appreciated) that, in the meantime, entry to the main school buildings from Monday, March 18th onwards will always require you to sign-in and take a Visitor’s card until your ID card has been processed.

For those of you that prefer information presented more visually:

Dates (all in March)


Monday 4th to Friday 15th (from 07:10)

Registration for ID cards at stations 1-4 in Reception in the mornings

Monday 4th to Friday 15th (from 07:10)

Registration for ID cards at station 1 at other times throughout the day

Monday 18th and thereafter

Entry to school buildings by wearing or showing a KISU ID card or by signing-in at Reception and receiving a Visitors’ card

Monday 18th and thereafter

Ongoing registration for ID cards in the Admissions Office

I do hope both the rationale behind this, and the nature of the process, are clear. We are confident that we can get the vast majority of people who regularly pick-up or drop-off children at the school registered within the next two weeks and that will be a huge step forward so I do hope I can count on your help and co-operation.


Kind regards and best wishes for your weekend!

Steve Lang - School Director