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Emotions and Learning. 07-Dec-2018

Try this on a few friends…

The Dalai Lama on Education. 23-Nov-2018

Grubbier….and perhaps a little wiser!. 17-Nov-2018

The secondary staff and students travelling back to us as I write are very much in my thoughts and I will be a happier and more relaxed School Director when they are all safely returned.

Integrity. 09-Nov-2018

As you know, I have a penchant for a little etymology from time to time, so here goes (and bear with me!)…..

Vocation. 02-Nov-2018

We know that the term vocation has to do with the idea of calling.

Standing on the shoulders of giants….. 05-Oct-2018

I regularly use this space to reiterate our belief in, and commitment to, important values like being principled and resilient or being risk-takers.

Says who?. 22-Sep-2018

 There is a lot of wisdom in the following quotations and some clear links to our KISU values but you might be a little surprised to know who is responsible for them……

Changing the World. 07-Sep-2018

….think for a moment of all the people you have ever interacted with throughout your life to date…..friends….family members….acquaintances……Of course these will be first to mind.