Season 1:  Sports include the following:

•  Primary Basketball
•  Secondary Football / Soccer
•  Secondary Swimming

Season 2:  Sports include the following:
•  Primary Football / Soccer
•  Secondary Basketball
•  Primary and Secondary Cross-Country Running

Season 3:  Sports include the following:

  • Secondary Volleyball
  • Primary and Secondary Athletics
  • Primary Swimming


**Please note, some fixtures, for various reasons, may need to be rescheduled. This will be communicated by the team coach & Sports Director.

Secondary Sports Awards Gala


On Friday, May 19th KISU celebrated its Secondary Sports teams and players at Kabira Country Club.  It was a very special evening that recognized the value sport can play in education and the consequent growth and achievements that can be seen in its athletes.  Over 500 award certificates were awarded; more than 80 medals, 24 shields and trophies accepted by athletes, coaches, and CAS students for their service to the sports programme.

What a year we had!

  • 5/6 basketball teams reached the finals- 3 won
  • 4/6 Volleyball teams reached the finals, and one of these teams won
  • Our U13 boys football team reached the final
  • Our swim, cross country and athletics teams were the best in the league
  • This works out to be 1/3 of all league titles going to KISU out of 8 schools.. Nearly 2/3 of which KISU were in the final.

But the success this year went beyond these numbers... 

  • Sport can be a vehicle for developing valuable qualities and principles in its athletes that will take them a long way in life... many of these are illustrated on the front of this evening's programme.
  • I can proudly say I witnessed all of these in most of our athletes this year- they were resilient & brave in the face of challenge, dedicated & versatile representing the school in a range of sports and seeing those commitments through, humble in their successes and principled in their defeats, serving as ambassadors to KISU and the ethos we endeavour to uphold. 
  • We also had the best coaches, strongest administrative team (managers, scorers, etc), and the greatest support in the league from our School Director and Head of Secondary. 
  • We had supportive parents at every match, and the loudest, proudest fans to the point that our instruments were banned!

KISU- we were on fire!

Coaches- Our Leaders

Although this evening was largely about our athletes, their talent could not have developed without the guidance and support from their coaches.  We would simply not be able to provide our students with the valuable opportunity sport offers, without them.  To add to that, our teams are a very public expression of KISU's values; we are on display year round, during both home and away games, representing our school and it is our coaches who prepare and lead our teams through this! We are grateful for the significant contribution our coaches make to our sports program and to recognize this, an award was created for a coach who students felt was outstanding.
Students were invited to nominate a coach for this award considering:

  • The coaches approach to leading and how that coach impacted them and the team
  • The growth the team made over their season, both in terms of performance and team chemistry
  • How the team competed in the league- their season record, statistics, standing
  • How the coach and their team represented what KISU was all about.
  • The number of teams the coach worked with.

The coaches nominated for this award were:

  • Mr. Lang, U16 & U20 Boys Football
  • Coach Steve Omony, U16 & U20 Boys Basketball
  • Coach Ronnie Mutebi, U13 Boys, U16 & U20 Girls Basketball
  • Coach Emma Hassey, U13 Girls Volleyball

As I received these nominations from our athletes I reflected on each and came to realize they all have a few things in common, as I'm sure all good coaches do:

  • Endless Optimism: These coaches could not be defeated in this regard.  No matter the score, the situation, the weather, they found something to be positive about and believed in their team, giving their players hope and confidence.
  • Empathy: These coaches have a wealth of experience as players in their sports and as such, can empathize with the players on their teams.  They have a way of knowing what their players need, whether it be a pat on the back or tough love, facts and reason, or sometimes a silent nod of acknowledgement, to get them motivated. 
  • And finally, passion: All four of the nominated coaches have an intense passion for sport and particularly the sport they coached which was contagious and caught fire on their team, inspiring our players to achieve their best.

Coach Steve Omony received the most votes and was awarded KISU’s Coach of the Year.

CAS in Sport- Our Student Leaders

Another group of people who served our sports program were the student who volunteered for Creativity, Activity, and Service experience.  Because of them, we were able to offer a sports programme of much higher quality.
These students served as team managers, scorers, photographers and videographers, DJs, reporters, and statisticians adding significant value to the experience of both our own athletes and coaches and those of other schools.  They were knowledgeable, responsible, respectful, and confident, serving as outstanding ambassadors to KISU.  We are very proud of the leadership these students display and thankful for their service to KISU.  
These students did such a great job it warranted the creation of an award.  The winner of this year's CAS in Sport award went to a young lady who took her role as team manager seriously and was beyond committed, going above and beyond the responsibilities of team manager.  She showed initiative, was confident and respectful, and problem-solved a range of situations throughout the year. She worked collaboratively with her players, coaches, and the Sports Director to do an outstanding job.  This student was Daniela.
Team of the Year
This was another award new to this year's programme but one that is certainly worthy.  Coaches and members of staff were invited to nominate a team for this award considering not just the team's season record, league standing, or dominance but just as importantly the team's growth and development as well as the degree to which they demonstrated KISU's ethos.

The nominees for team of the year were our...

  • Swim Team 
  • Athletics Team
  • U16 Boys Football
  • U16 Boys Basketball

The winning team is one whose talent, skill, and knowledge of the sport exceeded that of all the teams they faced. This ability went well past their starting line up giving them depth and team chemistry.  They have an intense passion for the game and were respectful competitors.  Each player learned something about themselves to develop into more composed, effective players.  They finished with a nearly undefeated season and as league champions- our U16 Boys Basketball Team. 

basketball team

Sportsperson of the Year
For these awards coaches were invited to nominate any athlete they felt was deserving according to the criteria provided. They were asked to consider the athlete’s:

  • Physical Ability- skill and talent- and how this served the teams on which they played.
  • Versatility- in what range of sports they played and to what degree is their skill and knowledge was developed in these sports?
  • Attitude
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility as a student athlete
  • Effort
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Sportsmanship

The winner of these awards is a reflection of the coaches’ votes. To be nominated for this award is not easy but it is also not impossible.  It should be seen as an honour and something to be very, very proud of! Congratulations to the following nominees:

  • Anique
  • Kutenda
  • Emily
  • Milenka
  • Rie-Anne


  • George O
  • George B
  • Jawaad
  • Yoweri
  • Clement
  • Nathan   

The female winner of this award received nearly all the votes. She is a natural athlete, competitor, teammate, and leader.  She represented the school in every sport we compete in, this year, and for as long as I can remember.  She is committed and responsible, respectful to her opponents, confident, knowledgeable and boy is she fit!  She has left her mark on KISU sport and will be dearly missed as she begins the next chapter in her life but I am certain she will keep on playing. She is one special, special young lady, Milenka. 
Our male sportsperson of the year was also a popular vote. He has the heart, the smarts, and the work ethic, which he has used to develop a solid set of skills in a range of sports. He always displays outstanding sportsmanship, is humble in his successes and gracious in his defeats.  He represented the school on every team, making solid contribution to each- Clement.
Our boys’ football coaches have already begun thinking about next season, arranging training to start next week! KISU is lucky to have such invested students, coaches, staff and parents to make for one unstoppable community and school family!



KISU Basketball & Football Players Looking Smart in Their New Kits!


Players & Coaches are now dressed to impress, suiting up to a standard that matches the quality of their sporting play. Players and coaches are looking forward to collecting more victories in their new school colours! Many thanks to our Managing Director, Mr. Rajiv Ruparelia, for his continued and generous support toward the sports program at KISU!



KISU captures another team victory


It was another successful day in sport for KISU as nearly 70 secondary students competed in the ISSAK Cross Country meet at Entebbe Botanical Garden against ISU, HIS, RISU, AK, GEMS, AIS, and VC . Contributing to our victory were our 1st place finishes in the U12G, U13G, U13B, U15G, & U15B categories and 2nd in U14G & U20G. Results aside, our students, once again, displayed courage, kindness, perseverance, and responsibility to represent all that KISU is about. We are very proud of them and their achievement!



Podium Place Finishers:

PLACE Girls Boys
1 Nina Tobin ----
2 Charis Lau
Emelie VIguier
Daniel Sabore
3 Chisty Lau Ruben White
Jawaad Alibhai
George Okello
Yoweri Nasasira

KISU Student Named Uganda Sports Personality of 2016!

Nicholas Malan, 13 years of age, has been named by the Uganda Sports Press Association, Male Sports Personality of 2016 for Swimming for his dedication to, improvement in, and achievements in swimming! Nic has been swimming since the age of 5 and, in recent years, his love for the sport has grown and he has taken up training outside of school, early mornings and evenings after school. He competes in the sport year round, internationally, and has represented KISU and Uganda in many championship galas over the last few years. As a result of his commitment and hard-work, he has seen significant gains in his performance (see summary of achievements below), collecting a handful of medals and setting numerous personal bests!

We are proud to call students such a Nic a KISU Lion and hope we can continue to support his endeavours in swimming! April: CANA Zone IV, Mauritius 1 Bronze in the 4x50 relay and silver in the 1km open water swim. (Uganda's first open water medal!) October: USF Independence Gala, KPS 4 Bronze, 1 Silver October: Mombasa National Age Group Champs, Mombasa, Kenya 1 bronze and 5 new PB's! November: CANA Zone III, Kigali, Rwanda 3 Gold, 1 Bronze and 3 relay Golds December: Vita-Thion Central Gauteng Champs, Johannesburg, South Africa 1 Bronze and made the finals in 5 of 6 events. Also qualified to swim at South African National Junior Championships with two qualifying times!