Student Services

KISU has a well equipped library that acts as a centre for learning and research. Students are encouraged to utilise the wide range of books and to be involved in independent study and research on a regular basis. Our library is staffed by two librarians who will assist students to find research and reading material to assist in their studies and generate a passion for reading. The library is open extended hours to allow students to access these facilities from 8am to 4:30pm.

For students with mild learning difficulties it is important to develop a strong partnership between the family and school to ensure future success and growth. Due to the highly academic nature of the curriculum, SEN students will be monitored for progress and suitability for the courses on offer.

English support is provided up to Year-9. The level of English needed for success at the external examinations is very high and technical knowledge of the language is necessary. Students and teachers are very welcoming of all new students and this is a major factor to successful integration and language acquisition.

Careers education and guidance is a focus of our PSHE programme from Year-9 onwards as students begin to look for future direction and discover the broad opportunities available. The IB Coordinator and senior teachers support students in IB1 and IB2 in the university application process and identification of suitable courses across a wide variety of countries. We also provide advice on how to find possible scholarships and how best to present yourself when attending university interviews.

KISU recognises that not all students are at the same level and many teachers offer their classroom for after school assistance. Students are encouraged to come and ask questions and to seek clarification; to develop independence we place the responsibility on the student to come for assistance.

The school has two qualified nurses on duty from 7.30am until 5.00pm each evening. One nurse comes in at 7.00am for supervision.
They deal with any medical issues which may arise at school from common ailments to sports injuries & oversea the administration of any medicines to students and staff as necessary. We do ask that, where students are on medication, parents communicate this with us effectively so that we can help to ensure that the medicine is taken safely and at the correct times.
In addition, all staff undertake First Aid training on an annual basis so that , in unfortunate instance that we have an accident at school, the nearest adult is able to respond confidently and effectively to the situation & consult ‘Surgery Hospital’  in case of emergencies.

KISU aims to develop students’ leadership skills and one of the ways to nurture these skills is through the student council. Each form group elects a class representative to the Student Council. From those representatives, a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary are voted in by the whole school.
The Student Council meets regularly to plan various fund raising activities and school social events such as pool parties, bake sales and dances. The Student Council gives students opportunities to serve others as well as make an impact on the life of the school as a whole