Teaching and learning

Our team of experienced and caring Early Years teachers plan learning experiences of the highest quality that appeal to young children's natural spontaneity and inquisitiveness. At KISU we know that if children are happy and secure they will achieve and gain in confidence. The Early Years curriculum is taught through exciting and child friendly topics. We recognize that young children deepen their understanding by playing, talking, observing, questioning, experimenting, reflecting and responding to adults. Well-planned play is a key way in which children learn whilst enjoying themselves and feeling challenged.


Kindergarten 2 is a setting for the ‘Walkers’, ‘Talkers’ and ‘Pretenders’ (24-36 months). The classroom environment is nurturing, spacious, interesting and designed to address a variety of learning styles. Each child is encouraged to reach their full potential regardless of their current level of development. All activities done in this setting allow the children to develop at their own pace, make unhurried discoveries and allow for repetition as well as trying out of new ideas. This encourages children to become increasingly independent and enables them to make their own choices.  As you continue to walk around Kindergarten 2 you will realize that children learn different things at the same time, you will find children in pretend play, others exploring and investigating their surroundings, riding a tricycle, manipulating play dough, browsing through books and constructing. All the areas of play contribute to the children’s physical, intellectual growth and development.

As you pass by Kindergarten 3 you may be surprised to observe the children draped in oversize t-shirts, shower caps and goggles as they prepare for a session of messy play.  This may range from mark-making in shaving foam, blowing giant size bubbles or swatting at paint drops with a fly swatter.  Whatever the tools or media, the children are always excited and eager to participate in these activities.  All this serves as a stimulus for the children's learning and of course it’s fun!!!

In Reception, the children are encouraged to explore and investigate the world around them to find out more.  Throughout the year the topics covered allow the children to draw on their own experiences both inside and outside school.  As you peer through the window you may see children; investigating objects and real-life scenarios in the role play area, quietly looking at books to find out more, experimenting and being creative with the construction / creative materials or practicing what they have learnt in the writing area.  You may also discover a group of children involved in an adult led activity outside the classroom where they are exploring to satisfy their curiosity.

Even the youngest children of KISU are encouraged to 'play' on the computer using educational software programmes which asks the children to listen and carry out basic instructions, thus gaining a familiarity and keenness to work with computers. These are creative games which seek to encourage the child to count, spell and use mouse control to achieve set goals.  In addition to this they all take part in interactive play and learning on the units’ smart board and test their manipulative and thinking skills as they move robotic toys around the classroom floor.

Teachers carefully monitor each child's progress throughout the foundation stage to ensure tasks are well matched to each individual's ability and needs, and to inform teachers and parents of the next step towards achieving the Early Learning Goals.

In the Early Years Department, we recognize and encourage the important role that parents play in their child's education. We endeavour to make parents feel welcome, valued, listened to and fully informed. We firmly believe that the Foundation Stage provides the best possible start to education.