Early Years

Early Years
Our team of experienced and caring Early Years teachers plan learning experiences that appeal to young children’s natural spontaneity and inquisitiveness.

The Early Years curriculum is taught through exciting and child friendly topics.

We recognize that young children deepen their understanding by playing, talking,
observing, questioning, experimenting, reflecting and responding to adults. At KISU we know that if children are happy and secure they will achieve and gain in confidence.

Well-planned play and child led investigations are the key ways in which children learn while simultaneously enjoying themselves and feeling challenged.

Teachers carefully monitor each child throughout the foundation stage to ensure progress is being made and that tasks are well matched to each individual’s ability and needs, as well as to inform teachers and parents of the next step towards achieving the Early Learning Goals.

We firmly believe that the Foundation Stage provides the best possible start to education.

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Admissions are ongoing for 2024.

Enrolment ongoing for early years, primary and secondary.

“ The best education is not given to students; it is drawn out of them” - Gerald Belcher

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