KISU is an inclusive school whose student body is regularly made up of children from more than 50 different nations around the world. Students of all religions, races and ethnic origins are welcome. KISU is likewise non-selective and children of all kinds of different abilities and talents are welcome and are equally valued as individuals. Enrolment normally takes place before the beginning of the academic year (August) or during the year in the case of students transferring from other schools.

Admissions are recommended at the start of the year to encourage a quick integration into the school and so as not to fall behind with the academic program. In the IGCSE and IB Diploma years it is especially important that students are present at the start of the year. In the Early Years, these guidelines are more relaxed and depend on the readiness of the individual child to begin school. The student’s age should tally appropriately with the age of the students in the year group they wish to join.


Kampala International School Uganda is a non-selective school which aims to educate students from the local and international communities, providing where possible for the special needs of all its students. In particular circumstances, admission will be at the discretion of the school's Director, following assessment. Students are placed in classes according to their age with cut-off being the 31st August.


Kampala International School accepts students on or after their 2nd birthday. Entry into Year-1 is at 5 years old (the academic year in which the student turns 6 years old) as of September 1st.


Entry to the Secondary School is at 11 years old (the academic year in which the student turns 12 years old). On payment of full year’s fees, club membership is awarded at the Kabira Country Club.

Enrolment procedure. 

1. The Admissions Office may offer a student a place at KISU only when the following steps have been completed to the satisfaction of the school, taking into account the ‘placement policy’ as stated above:

  • Enrollment, Registration, Medical and Permission Forms completed and returned to admissions along with the enrollment fees.
  • Copy of recent school reports (for students entering year 1 upwards) provided for student file.
  • Confidential Report Form (secondary students only) completed and returned to  KISU. 
  • If required, placement Assessment (including English as a secondary language assessment) finalized and feedback agreed by parents/guardians.  
  • The Agreement of financial terms and conditions of Admission at KISU”signed and returned.
  • Payment of the enrollment fee, term/annual tuition fees and book-bonds completed at the bursar’s office.

2. Students may enter school no less than 2 days after the above procedure has been finalized and the appropriate staff has been advised.