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Placement and Enrolment Policy

Placement Policy

A. All parents/students must read and accept KISU’s Behaviour Policy. KISU does not accept students w i t h a history of drug, alcohol or weapon possession, or abuse. KISU does not accept students who have been expelled from their previous school for serious behavioral issues (including physical violence and bullying). KISU reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant, at its sole discretion.

B. KISU only admits students with minor/mild Learning Support Needs. Any additional support will be at the expense of the parents or sponsor.

1. Primary (Ages2 – 11years)

· Admission is non-selective, placing new students by age, according to the English National Curriculum (ENC) guidelines as set out annually by KISU in its document – “Entry Ages by Class for the Academic Year”.

· The above guidelines will be strictly followed, except i n the following circumstances:

· Students w i t h birthdays in August can be placed one class lower than age-group at recommendation of KISU, or at the request of pa rents.

· Students w i t h birthdays in September can be placed up one class higher than age-group at the recommendation of KISU, or at the request of pa rents.




2. Secondary (Ages11 – 18years)

  • Students coming from International Schools using the ENC, US, PYP, MYP or other internationally recognized    curriculum will be placed according to previous level or class – providing this does not place a student more than one year above or below their normal cohort.
  • Students coming from local educational systems aged 11 years or above on the date of entry   will be tested for placement.   This testing will be carried out immediately prior to entry and is for the purposes of placement into the most appropriate year-group, taking academics, maturity and previous education into account. These placement tests are not intended to be used for selection into the most appropriate English or French class, but may be used to define the appropriate Maths set.
  •  Secondary-aged students testing 2 years or more above or below their expected level may not be accepted for entry into KISU, if it is felt that this placement would be inappropriate for social or other considerations. For example,a 14 year ol d  will not be eligible for entry into Year 7, and likewise, a  13  year o l d will not be accepted into Year 12 – even   if they have achieved the appropriate academic level.  Acceptance and placement in such cases is at the sole discretion of the School Administrator, in consultation with appropriate senior staff members.
  • Students wishing to enter Year 9 or above must have sufficient use of English (both spoken and written) to enable them to fully participate in all classes. Failure to meet this level may, however, result in a student being offered a place in Year 8, if appropriate.
  • Students wishing to enter Year 12 must provide written evidence of academic attainment equivalent to 5 Grade C passes at IGCSE/GCSE level.
  •  New students may not be accepted  into Years 11 or 13, unless  they have previously studied the same courses as offered at KISU, and have the appropriate course-work completed to allow them to meet the expectations   of their course  (IGCSE or IB) witho

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