Lego Studio

KISU has its own bespoke LEGO INNOVATION STUDIO housing more than $20,000 worth of LEGO equipment from "DUPLO" building bricks for our Early Years children through to "Mindstorms EV3" sets that will stretch even our most creative secondary school students. The studio is a dedicated room equipped with LEGO resources and LEGO robotics facilities aimed at enhancing teaching and learning, while developing the skills and igniting the passion of our engineers and scientists of the future.

THE LEGO approach to learning is founded on a "4C" framework through which students are free to experiment and explore as they gain new knowledge. Students are encouraged to collaborate as they work through open-ended tasks and extension ideas, facilitated and guided at all times by their teacher.

The four phases are:

  • Connect: the topic or task is introduced, allowing students to ask clarifying questions and build on their existing knowledge.
  • Construct: every task includes a building activity to promote experimentation with collaboration and construct artefacts that can be recalled later.
  • Contemplate: students consider what has been learned and share insights with each other.
  • Continue: every task ends with a new task that builds on what has just been learned, keeping students motivated and curious