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The IB Diploma Programme is offered by KISU as an integral part of the Senior School experience. The programme:

  • Complements KISU’s goals and purpose;
  • Complements all elements of KISU’s traditional curricular, co-curricular and service philosophies and practices;
  • Provides an internationally recognised curriculum and examination.

KISU offers a broad selection of possible subjects, details of which can be found in the attached pdf ‘IB Diploma Programme Options Booklet ‘. In addition to those courses offered by KISU, students can take one online course through Pamoja Education (see www.pamoja.com for further information).


Three Pathways
There are three post-secondary pathways open to students at KISU: the full IB Diploma Programme; the trial IB Diploma Programme; and IB Course certificates.
1. To begin the full Diploma Programme, students need to achieve a grade B or higher in their IGCSE* for any subjects they want to study at Higher Level, and a grade C or higher for any subject they want to study at Standard Level. For those who wish to study Physics or Mathematics (Higher Level), we ask that students have an A at IGCSE (or equivalent).2. For those students who do not quite reach this requirement, there is the option of beginning the full DP on a trial basis. Students enrolled on the Trial Diploma must have met certain levels at key stages of the first year to continue on the full diploma.

3. Alternatively, students may complete a combination of Certificate courses at different levels. These courses are recognised by many universities around the world. All students following this route are required to complete CAS. Course certificates students can also complete Theory of Knowledge and the Extended  Essay, and earn credit for this.

See also: Why the IB? & What is the IB Diploma

*If students do not have IGCSEs then an evaluation of the qualifications completed by the student will take place, and some form of equivalency will be calculated.

The IB Subject Options Booklet 2023/24

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