Key Stage 3

The Key Stage 3 development years are critical in providing a strong foundation for future academic endeavours. Consequently our Years 7– 9 (approximately ages 11–14) students study the English National Curriculum (ENC) which is enhanced to take advantage of the opportunities in Uganda and the wider international community.

Students are exposed to a broad range of learning opportunities over the three years.  All students experience the same subjects, although a successful Francophone class is available throughout KS3 for first language French speakers as well as an accelerated mathematics programme in Year-9 that allows students to tackle the IGCSE Extended Mathematics course a year early in Year-10.

Our subjects are:

•    First Language English & Literature (or English as an Additional Language)
•    French – beginners to Francophone
•    Mathematics
•    Science
•    Geography & History
•    Art, Drama, Music & Food Technology
•    Physical Education
•    Personal, Social & Health Education

The curriculum is enhanced through cross-curricular projects, development of research skills, an awareness of environmental issues and cultural diversity.

All students participate in a drama and music performance each year which helps build confidence as well as giving them a firm grounding in the performing arts.

All students complete a set of examinations in the core subjects at the conclusion of each year to gauge their progress and assist with planning for future years.