Hala A. Gubara – Parent

Hala A. Gubara – Parent

“My name is Hala A. Gubara and as a parent of KISU since the year 2000, it is a pleasure to share my experience with you. Having been a parent a KISU for many years, I have 3 children who graduated, and two who are currently at the school. Amongst my graduated kids, one is a pharmacist, one is a digital marketer and the other a lawyer. It has been rewarding to see the phenomenal way in which the school shapes and supports its students, no matter the career path chosen.

As a member of the PTA for several years, it has been a pleasure to support the schools activities and take part in continuing to bridge the relationship between parents and teachers. I take this opportunity to also express the level of duty of care by KISU staff in the various hats and roles they play.

KISU has a fantastic culture that embodies diversity, inclusion and facilitates multifaceted experiences through a variety of extra curricular activities. My kids benefited by taking part in unique and exciting after school activities including skating, baking, MUN and many more. I believe this created a healthy balance between academic and non-academic life. With fantastic facilities, this supported the learning of kids, providing different teaching styles, creating a nurturing learning environment.”

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