Lunches are provided and are compulsory for all students up to and including Year-9. Students in Year-10 and above may opt to eat school lunches or may provide their own.

Kindergarten students eat outside their classrooms on the tables provided, and classes in Reception through Year-11 eat in one of the two school dining areas.

The lunch timings are as follows:

    • KG - 11.50am
    • Reception-Year 6 - 12.20pm
    • Years 7 - 11:00am - 1.00pm

The School lunch menu is rotated throughout each term and it has been designed to offer a balanced diet catering for many dietary requirements. There are meat and vegetarian options each day except Wednesday, when all students are offered a vegetarian meal, to encourage healthy eating habits. We also provide fruit daily, with 2 additional desserts each week. Our canteen team are highly experienced and operate under conditions similar to those found in quality hotels.

The kitchen is on view to all and forms a part of the serving area in the main dining area used by Year 3 and above. Amendments to menus are sometimes necessary when the required fresh ingredients are not available from the market on a particular day.

Suitable alternatives are provided in these circumstances to ensure that we serve fresh, well-balanced meals to all our students. Meals are accompanied by fresh vegetables, rice, pasta or potatoes, and bread.

Every morning complimentary coffee and cakes are served for parents in the main canteen. This offers an opportunity for parents to meet each other on a social level. This is something that we believe helps to build a school community and, where time allows, teachers may also attend.