IB Diploma

The IB Diploma is one of the most prestigious, widely recognised and rigorous University entrance qualifications in the world and, we passionately believe, the best.

The IB Diploma is a broader and more balanced programme than any of its competitors with students studying 6 subjects to include English, mathematics, a science, a foreign language and a humanity (with the 6th  subject being an elective).

In addition, all students must study Theory of Knowledge and submit an Extended Essay on an area of learning in which they have a particular interest and passion.

Finally, all students must submit a folder detailing and reflecting upon the Community, Activity and Service (CAS) work that they have undertaken throughout the two years of the course.

The result, at the end of the course, is a young person who is much better prepared for the challenges that lie ahead at university, and in their chosen careers, than those who, for example, opted for the much narrower options of A’ levels or the AP.

Research suggests that IB diploma students:

  • Achieve better at university
  • Are less likely to drop out from university
  • Have greater earning power upon entering their careers

KISU offers a very wide and constantly evolving (according to students’ needs) menu of subjects and also partners with Pamoja Education based in Oxford, UK to offer high-quality digital learning courses in subjects students wish to take that are not covered by the expertise of the school’s teachers.

All students joining the school’s IB Diploma programme receive a free Chromebook at the start of their course to support their learning.